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We don't have tickets - you are cordially invited to purchase a £10 support wristband to show your appreciation and support

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EXPLANATION Swanage Blues Festivals are essentially Big Town Parties that depend on festival fans buying support wristbands, currently £10, to show they appreciate the music and want the festivals to continue. Many of the bands usually charge £10 admission per gig, so £10 for as much as you want to experience must be a bargain!

If people don't buy support wristbands, registered security staff will have to be employed at a high cost. Wristbands will increase from £10 to at least £35 just to cover these extra costs. When you buy a wristband for £10, you are ensuring the success of this festival and the future of these amazing events.

Purchase of wristbands is not compulsory although admission to each venue is at the discretion of the management and venues may require wristbands to be worn.






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